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What is Latisse eyelash treatment?

Hypotrichosis, a condition of little to no hair growth, can affect the eyebrows and lashes, causing thin and sparse lashes. Latisse is a prescription medication developed to help grow back long, thick and full eyelashes. Latisse treatment is a safe, simple, FDA approved treatment done at home to restore full eyelashes and dramatically change your appearance.

What are the benefits of Latisse eyelash treatment?

  • Thicker lashes
  • Longer lashes
  • Fuller lashes
  • Darker lashes
  • FDA approved
  • Simple at home treatment
Eyelash Treatment Spring TX

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What can I expect with Latisse eyelash treatment?

Latisse requires a prescription so you will need to come in for a consultation and evaluation. During your appointment you will discuss any allergies or risk factors that might rule out candidacy for this eyelash treatment.

Latisse was designed for simple, daily at home use, and it will take several weeks before you begin to see dramatic results.Over time your lashes will begin to grow in thicker, darker, longer, and fuller. You will need to continue use of Latisse for continued results. Latisse is the only FDA approved product designed specifically for growing thick and healthy eyelashes. Some small percentage of people may experience mild itching or redness, or other irritation but this usually resolves over time.

Eyelash Treatment Spring TX

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