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What is microblading, and how does it work?

Microblading in Spring TX is an eyebrow enhancement procedure that utilizes a fine surgical blade to tattoo pigment into your skin. The blade can create strokes that mimic natural eyebrow hairs so that you aren’t left with a noticeable block of pigment, which could occur when the brows are tattooed with conventional methods. The fine lines are then bathed in pigment after each pass of the microblade so that the pigment can enter your skin.

The pigment chosen for the procedure may be slightly darker than the color of your eyebrows, but the color slightly fades in the days ahead. It is recommended to have a follow-up treatment about a month after the initial treatment to create optimal results.

What are the benefits of microblading in The Woodlands?

Our team at Beauty IQ provides Intelligent Beauty Solutions, ensuring every person we treat gets the results they envision, each performed with safety. Some of the many other benefits that you can expect from having microblading performed at Beauty IQ include:

  • Darker, fuller eyebrows
  • More balance and harmony in eyebrow shape
  • Intelligent shaping and pigment placement for a completely natural look
  • A more attractive definition to your eyebrows
  • Quick procedure with minimal downtime
The Woodlands microblading

What should I expect during the procedure?

At the start of the procedure, you will have the skin around your eyebrows numbed with a topical or local anesthetic. The numbing effect takes about 20 minutes to appear. Then your brows will be strategically mapped out so that the desired shape, width, and length of the eyebrows is determined. The guidelines will be left in place to guide the microblading process. The microblading tool is dipped in pigment, and then tiny cuts will be made that mimic the shape of your eyebrow hair. The dye will enter the skin, enhancing the look of your brows.

Am I a candidate for microblading?

You might be a candidate for microblading in The Woodlands if:

  • You want fuller eyebrows
  • You want a slightly darker tone to your eyebrows
  • You would like your eyebrows to have higher definition
  • You would like to create a more beautiful shape to your eyebrows
  • You are healthy and have no skin conditions or ongoing infections in the treatment area

Schedule a consultation at Beauty IQ to learn more about microblading and to see if it is the right procedure for you.

Spring TX microblading

What is Latisse lash and brow Treatment?

Hypotrichosis, a condition of little to no hair growth, can affect the eyebrows and lashes, causing thin and sparse lashes. Latisse is a prescription medication developed to help grow back long, thick and full eyelashes. Latisse treatment is a safe, simple, FDA approved treatment done at home to restore full eyelashes and dramatically change your appearance.

What are the benefits of Latisse lash and brow Treatment?

  • Thicker lashes
  • Longer lashes
  • Fuller lashes
  • Darker lashes
  • FDA approved
  • Simple at home treatment
Semi Permanent Makeup Spring TX

What can I expect with Latisse lash and brow Treatment?

Latisse requires a prescription so you will need to come in for a consultation and evaluation. During your appointment you will discuss any allergies or risk factors that might rule out candidacy for this lash and brow Treatment.

Latisse was designed for simple, daily at home use, and it will take several weeks before you begin to see dramatic results.Over time your lashes will begin to grow in thicker, darker, longer, and fuller. You will need to continue use of Latisse for continued results. Latisse is the only FDA approved product designed specifically for growing thick and healthy eyelashes. Some small percentage of people may experience mild itching or redness, or other irritation but this usually resolves over time.

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Ombré - $550

Ombre is a technique that is different from microblading because rather than it resembling hair strokes, it resembles a soft, powered brow. Your artist will start with light shading at the front of the brow (near the nose) and then shades the brown in just a bit darker at the bottom of the brow to the brow to define the arch in an area where it won't appear to harsh, then at the tail for better definition. Most photos you see of the ombre are immediately after the procedure.

Ombre Eyes

  • 8 weeks: $125
  • 1 year: $300
  • 2 years: $450
Semi Permanent Makeup Spring TX

Men's Brow - $600

Anyone can experience hair loss and dissatisfaction with their eyebrows and men are no exception! That is why we offer a service specifically for them! Our Men's Brow service is very similar to that of regular brow services and we can do any of the above techniques! Many men come to us wanting their eyebrows more even and full without sacrificing a masculine appearance. This service is increasing in popularity and we're so excited to be able to offer it!


  • 6 weeks: $95
  • 6 months: $150
  • 1 year: $295
  • 2 years: $400
Semi Permanent Makeup Spring TX

Permanent Eyeliner - $275+

Permanent Eyeliner is a great way to enhance your eyes without the daily hassle and mid-day smudge of drawn on the liner. We can work together to give your eyes a more flattering appearance with a line that will last, and however, you'd like it done. We understand some people prefer a "barely there" thin line and some would like their lines bolder and thicker. Some may prefer a small wing while others prefer one that comes out further to lengthen the lash line. Some like to wear their eyeliner on both the top and the bottom while others may prefer a top OR bottom, which we are able to do as well.

Eyeliner - Top OR Bottom

  • 8 weeks: $95
  • 1 year: $180
  • 2 years: $250

Eyeliner - Top & Bottom

  • 8 weeks: $150
  • 1 year: $300
  • 2 years: $400

Lip Liner

With our Full Lip services, the pigment is applied to the entire lip, while perfecting the outline of the lip, helping it to appear more even, with a more shapely cupid's bow (the center of the top lip). We have a range of colors to choose from that will add a semi-permanent color that allows the lips to constantly appear more healthy, full, and youthful without any lipstick at all. One of the best aspects is that if at any time you want to wear a different shade than your regular daily look, lipstick will glide right over it.

Full Lip - $550

  • 8 weeks: $150
  • 1 year: $350
  • 2 years: $450
Semi Permanent Makeup Spring TX
Semi Permanent Makeup Spring TX

Sugarlash PRO for Lifts and Tinting - $100

Our lash lifts and lash tints are created with top-of-the-line lash-enhancing products from Sugarlash PRO for perfect, trouble-free lashes that last for two to three months.

The Lash Lift 360° from Sugarlash PRO is a revolutionary treatment to create thicker, lusher, lifted lashes by adding volume, a subtle tint, and infusing your lashes with a custom keratin glaze for strength. Our eyelash technicians are obsessed with beautiful lashes, and can create a long-lasting curl that lasts, with zero maintenance. The treatment requires only about 40 to 60 minutes to complete and is fast becoming a client favorite!

Semi Permanent Makeup Spring TX

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