A Guide to The Golden Ratio and BeautiPHIcation

In this day and age, beauty is a big industry. Whether it be makeup, skin care products, non-surgical facial treatments or even plastic surgery, the desire to look perfect is a very popular trend. We’ve seen the invention of applications that allow people to modify the appearance of their photos, giving off the appearance of perfection online. But is perfection possible in real life, without these filters or programs? Today, Beauty IQ Medi Spa is discussing “the golden ratio”, how it applies to beauty and beauty standards around the world along with how it impacts your face based on aesthetically contouring rather than chasing lines and wrinkles in Spring, TX.

Is Perfect Beauty Possible?

For many centuries, people have been obsessed with perfection, beauty and even mathematics. The Greeks believed that all beauty is mathematics and that there is a mathematical code, formula, relationship or even a number that can describe facial beauty. Many different numbers have been studied, with only one holding much promise; the golden ratio.

About The Golden Ratio

The “golden ratio” is a mathematical ratio that appears recurrently all around nature. The golden ratio is a mathematical ratio of 1.618:1, also known as “Phi”. Throughout nature, there are many things that have a ratio of 1.618:1. Flower petals, pine cones, shells and even galaxies have been known to meet the criteria for the golden ratio. When it comes to beauty and humans, the golden ratio also applies.

The Golden Ratio & BeautiPHIcation

At Beauty IQ Medi Spa, we use the golden ratio when it comes to our BeautiPHIcation fillers in Spring, TX. Our ultimate goal is to enhance your natural beauty, giving you a more perfect-looking appearance that you can be proud of. We offer a wide range of Spring, TX BeautiPHIcation treatment options that can address various imperfections. Contact Beauty IQ Medi Spa today to schedule an appointment, we’d be happy to discuss our treatment options and what we recommend for you.

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