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Do you dream of never having to purchase a razor or shave your legs again? Interested in laser hair removal but have heard a lot of crazy stories about it? At Beauty IQ Medi Spa we are proud to offer laser hair removal in Spring, Texas and are here today to discuss the myths and the facts of laser hair removal near you. If you have additional questions regarding our laser hair removal treatment, feel free to contact the clinic, we’re always happy to answer questions our patients may have. We can also get you on the schedule for Spring laser hair removal. We look forward to talking to you!

Laser hair removal actually causes more hair to grow.

Well, this is just silly! If laser hair removal could magically make hair grow, we’d be offering it for men that are balding. This myth probably exists due to the fact that hair follicles continue to develop throughout life, while laser hair removal does destroy hair follicles, it can’t destroy ones that haven’t developed yet. Laser hair removal is typically comprised of many treatments, allowing us to target different hair growth patterns, ensuring that more of your hair is removed in the long run.

Laser hair removal has effects on all hair types.

Laser hair removal results can actually vary greatly depending upon hair thickness, hair color and even skin type. Those with darker skin or lighter hair may need more sessions. Patients with white or gray hair may experience no results at all due to lack of pigmentation.

Laser hair removal exposes you to radiation.

Laser hair removal systems approved by the FDA do not emit radiation. While radiation does exist between the light barriers of the laser, it does not exit that space, so it’s not harmful to the patient.

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