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$199 a wrap. (3 @ $500). 

Get the body shape you want with the power of medical grade body wraps! Beauty IQ Medi Spa specializes in many natural therapies for weight loss and body contouring. We utilize the power of medical-grade body wraps for body contouring and detoxification. Solutions 4 Body Wraps represent some of the best medical-grade body wraps available for your treatment needs and goals. Learn how you can benefit from this amazing treatment.

Solutions4 Body Wrap is ONLY available through a physician, so this isn’t a body wrap you can order and do at home. Many cheap at-home wraps don’t work properly and are not done correctly, resulting in a loss of money and a loss of time. The medical professionals at Beauty IQ Medi Spa are skilled to provide you with a body wrap treatment you deserve for reduced cellulite, a smaller waistline, improved skin and renewed energy. Our wraps utilize a synergistic blend of herbs and pharmaceutical-grade niacin to contour the body. Niacin helps increase circulation in the body, allowing more nutrients to flood your muscles and organs. This type of program is designed to remove wastes and toxins in the body and cleanse the tissues to restore elasticity to loose, flabby skin. The body wrap will not dehydrate or age the skin.

At your appointment, we will begin your treatment by first covering the treatment area with a cream made of our special blend of herbs and nutrients. This will create a matte finish that we will then exfoliate into the skin and remove. This provides a clean, fresh layer of skin with which nutrients can be absorbed into the body more properly to remove toxins. We will take “before” measurements all over the body to measure the progress your body has made by the end of treatment. After exfoliation, a nutrient-dense Solutions4 treatment will be applied to your skin. We will then wrap each part of the body treatment areas one-by-one in a specific way unique to Solutions4 Body Wrap methods. Each area will be wrapped in no less than 8 layers of wrap. The treatment will last for an hour and during this time you will be in a Infrared Wellness cocoon pod with vibrating massage setting to keep you comfortably warm. The body wrap will set to work cleansing toxins naturally through the lymphatic system while your skin is rejuvenated and moisturized for the next hour. Once the treatment is completed, we will remove the wrappings from your body and take “after” measurements to compare with your measurements before treatment.

· Drink half your bodyweight in ounces of water every day a week prior to the treatment to flush your system and keep the body hydrated. This is a suggested habit for the rest of your life for optimal health and wellness.

· After treatment, we suggest avoiding processed foods, caffeine, sugar and white flour to help keep those pounds off.

· 2 days prior to treatment avoid tingling tanning creams, B vitamins and niacin, as our treatments use niacin and vitamins already and may cause excess tingling or redness if you have too much in your system at the time of treatment.

· Don’t shave the day of the wrap or shower for 6-8 hours after the wrap. We want those nutrients and creams to be kept on your body for plenty of time to benefit your skin and body the most it can. Don’t use your own oils, lotions, or creams one hour prior to treatment.

· Don’t drink water for 1 hour prior to treatment as you will be in the wrap for 1-hour total. The treatment will be ineffective if we must unwrap you during.

Solutions4 Body Wrap treatments can be safely done every 3-4 days. Because your body is receiving such an intense amount of nutrients and moisturizers, you will experience beautiful, soft and purified skin for days and even decreased acne. Your skin will be tighter and cellulite less noticeable, plus you will FEEL better. This is a perfect treatment for routine weight loss or for special events such as weddings or summer vacations.

If you are interested in Solutions4 Body Wrap or one of our weight loss and cleansing programs, the team at Beauty IQ Medi Spa are ready to help give you the body you want. Call (832) 953-2632 today to schedule your consultation!

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