Platelet Rich Plasma Facelift

Platelet Rich Plasma Facelift with Microneedling

One treatment at $450.00 (3 @  $1,200). 

The Platelet Rich Plasma Facelift is an in-office treatment that improves skins tone, texture and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. This cutting-edge procedure uses the body’s own natural healing agents. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) and growth factors are derived from your own blood which stimulate the production of collagen and tissue regeneration.


  • Improves tone and texture of the skin
  • Increases the production of new collagen
  • Helps induce cell & tissue regeneration
  • Softens fine lines and tightens skin

The Platelet Rich Plasma Facelift is a quick, minimally invasive procedure where the PRP and growth factors are delivered topically and directly into your skin. This nutrient rich PRP recreates a more youthful glow, improves vascular flow, tone and texture of the skin. The PRP promotes collagen to grow, regenerates tissue and acts naturally to smooth and tighten the skin as well as soften wrinkles.

Platelet Rich Plasma Facelift will rejuvenate your skin and improve texture while making you look younger and healthier. Skin renewal, rejuvenation and collagen stimulation continues for about 3 months after the procedure. Results can last anywhere between 6 months to a year.

The Platelet Rich Plasma Facelift is very safe. This is a minimally invasive procedure and since we are using the PRP derived from your own blood there is no risk of allergic reaction. There may be some mild tenderness and redness but will subside in a few days. It is performed quickly, without surgery in the privacy of our office.

A small amount of blood is drawn from your arm and processed in a special centrifuge. The processing separates the nutrient rich platelets from the blood. A topical anesthetic is applied to the face. We use microneedling to create microscopic breaks in the blood vessels below the skin’s surface and allow the PRP to be delivered, directly and deeply into the skin. The PRP and isolated growth factors are applied to the skin where they are easily and readily absorbed into the microscopic breaks in the skin. The combination of the microneedling and growth factors create the perfect environment for tightening, collagen stimulation and rejuvenation.

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