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Why choose Beauty IQ?

At Beauty IQ, we believe in using the best, most effective products and therapies available and use our knowledge and expertise to seek them out. One of the best we’ve found is Solutions4 Body Wrap. These amazing wraps are only available through physicians and utilize a synergistic blend of herbs and pharmaceutical-grade niacin to contour the body. Niacin is beneficial for circulation, helping more nutrients reach muscles and organs. This Solutions4 Body wrap treatment is designed to cleanse tissues and remove toxic waste from the system. These wraps are far and above any of the do-at-home wraps available for purchase elsewhere. After your Beauty IQ Medi Spa body wrap treatment you will feel hydrated, refreshed and invigorated with glowing skin, a smaller waistline, enhanced contours, and reduced cellulite.

What can I expect with my medical grade body wrap?

Before treatment we will take body measurements to compare progress from the session. Your full body wrap treatment consists of several steps starting with the application of a specially blended herb and nutrient rich cream. This provides an exfoliation step, leaving you with a clean, fresh layer of skin that will readily absorb additional nutrients. After exfoliation, a nutrient-dense preparation is applied to your skin and each part of your body is wrapped in multiple layers according to Solutions4 Body Wrap’s unique method. You will then relax for an hour in our infrared wellness cocoon pod allowing your body to release toxins while the warm cocoon gently massages you. After treatment you will feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and relaxed. We will remove the wraps—your skin will be hydrated and glowing, and will take a final set of measurements for comparison.

Medical Grade Body Wraps Spring TX

Additional tips to get the most of your body wrap experience:

  • Drink plenty of water every day for a week prior to treatment to help flush your system and keep you hydrated
  • Avoid tingling tanning creams, B vitamins and niacin for two days prior to treatment to avoid excess tingling or redness during treatment
  • Don’t shave on the same day as your wrap
  • Don’t shower for six to eight hours after your wrap to increase the benefits to your skin and body
  • Don’t use any oils, lotions, or creams one hour prior to treatment
  • Refrain from drinking water for one hour prior to treatment to avoid a bathroom break during treatment
Medical Grade Body Wraps Spring TX

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